Kong Hans Kælder is part of Copenhagen's cultural history, heritage and gastronomic pride.

“These walls are so old, the restaurant so beautiful. It has a certain kind of soul you can’t find in many other places. It has a lot of personality.”

When you walk through the door at Kong Hans Kælder, you are embraced by an atmosphere of timeless elegance and discreet luxury. The historical charm that permeates the place adds an extra dimension to the dining experience that awaits you.

Every detail throughout the evening is carefully planned. We do this to give you the best possible experience.

Kong Hans Kælder has a very special history. With respect for the past, the restaurant has retained its authentic charm. An exclusive mix of the heritage of the past and the innovation of today helps make the atmosphere at Kong Hans Kælder unique and very pleasant.

Dinner is taken at the beautifully set tables, surrounded by discreet and attentive service. At Kong Hans Kælder there is a special calm and intimacy. The culinary creations on the plate take centre stage together with a harmonious symphony of taste and sensuality.

An evening at Kong Hans Kælder is not just a two-star Michelin experience. It is an unforgettable event that you will remember for a long time and want to return to.

“People come here to get a taste of luxury. The service is extremely friendly and personal. It's formal, but not in a stiff way.”