Mark Lundgaard is Head Chef at Kong Hans Kælder. Since 2014, he has stuck to renewing and reviving classic French cuisine. Lundgaard focuses on delivering the best dining experience — where taste, feeling and craftsmanship merge.

"There have been plenty of opportunities to consider whether I was moving in the right direction. But at some point, you get to a place where you accept who you are and what you stand for. I grew up at Kong Hans and dare to stand up for my choices and my kitchen."
- Mark Lundgaard
Head Chef

Kong Hans Kælder has existed since 1976 and was the first restaurant in Denmark to receive a Michelin star.

Mark Lundgaard is the fourth in the line of Head Chefs. With him at the forefront, Kong Hans Kælder was, for the first time, awarded two Michelin stars in 2021.

The restaurant retained its two stars in the Michelin Guide in 2023, proving that it’s worth believing in your unique direction and constantly striving to become even better.

In 2025, Kong Hans Kælder will undergo a significant renovation. Our aim is to heighten the restaurant’s atmosphere and boost the team’s ability to usher in the next gastronomic era while retaining our core.

Mark Lundgaard was born in Silkeborg and raised in Egernsund in Southern Jutland.

Mark Lundgaard trained as a chef at Fakkelgården in Southern Jutland. Throughout the years, he has mainly worked in French-inspired kitchens, including Ruths Hotel, Restaurant Sletten, Falsled Kro, Lebzelter Obauer in Austria, Alinea in Chicago and L’Auberge De L’Ill in Alsace.

He finds inspiration for the menu at Kong Hans Kælder in antique cookbooks and descriptions of sumptuous dinners in fictional novels.

Mark Lundgaard is a passionate hunter, father of Julius and Samuel and boyfriend of journalist and cookbook author Nadia Mathiasen.

”I don’t believe anyone is born a good chef. It is far simpler than that. The more you do something, the better you get.”
- Mark Lundgaard
Head Chef