You'll find Kong Hans Kælder in the heart of historic Copenhagen.

”Kong Hans Kælder has a fascinating history. The restaurant is part of Copenhagen's cultural history, heritage and gastronomic pride.”
- Mark Lundgaard
Head Chef

Kong Hans Kælder is a classic oasis of gastronomic luxury. Since 1976, Kong Hans Kælder has been a highlight on the Danish gastronomic scene and became the first Danish restaurant to obtain a Michelin star in 1983.

For almost 50 years, Kong Hans Kælder has led the way towards gastronomic decadence – in Denmark and internationally. In 2014, Mark Lundgaard took over as Head Chef. Under his leadership, the restaurant gained two Michelin stars for the first time.

Initially, Lene and Sven Grønlykke, together with Inge and Klaus Rifbjerg, became pioneers of the high-quality restaurant scene we know in Denmark today. By opening Kong Hans Kælder, they created a food temple by international standards.

In the years that have passed, only four Head Chefs have continued the impressive legacy of Kong Hans Kælder.


Michel Michaud

Michel Michaud was King Hans Kælder’s first Head Chef. He brought French cuisine to Denmark and set the bar high with the development of Kong Hans Kælder’s unique DNA, which the restaurant is still recognised for.


Daniel Letz

Daniel Letz took over the management at just 22 years old and brought a fresh spirit to Kong Hans Kælder. In 1983, Kong Hans Kælder was honoured as the first restaurant in Denmark with a Michelin star.


Thomas Rode

Thomas Rode was Head Chef for 17 years. With Kong Hans Kælder’s logo tattooed on his body, he left a distinctive and personal mark on the restaurant, the food and Danish gastronomy in general.


Mark Lundgaard

Mark Lundgaard is the current Head Chef and the only one who has succeeded in obtaining two Michelin stars for Kong Hans Kælder. In 2023, Kong Hans Kælder maintained the two Michelin stars, and Mark still has big ambitions for the future.

In 2024, Kong Hans Kælder will undergo a major renovation, preparing the restaurant for a new gastronomic era.